Developing Professional Polish with Business Coaching and Marketing Programs

When your business needs to compete in a global market, it needs to stand out as a shining example of how to do things the right way in your industry. Our professional development programs help you do that!

Our team of amazing consultants, coaches, copywriters, designers, and marketers will work with you one-on-one by email, phone, Zoom meetings or in person (if local) to create exceptional branding and marketing campaigns (or coach you through DIY training) to make your business noticeable in all the right ways. We’ll help you polish your business’ public face to perfection and get the right action steps in motion to help you feel empowered and growing consistently.

Flexible for Your Needs

We understand that building your business makes your schedule crazy. For that reason, we don’t want to add to the chaos, so our consultants and coaches maintain a flexible schedule to meet your needs on your timeframe.

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Dynamic Coaching and Marketing Programs to Boost Your Business’ Success

  • Dynamic Growth Coaching: This business coaching program covers what you haven’t done yet, whether it’s business plan writing, going after financing, building a winning startup team, finding HR resources or hiring out your back-office tasks, we’ll help you gain the momentum and consistent growth you want in the early stages of your business and beyond, plus we’ll inspire you to reach for even bigger dreams and goals in business than you ever thought possible! Very helpful for early entrepreneurs or anyone feeling “stuck” in a spin cycle with their business and needing a boost to get them on track and growing.
  • Small Business Owners and Team Building: Whether your office has one person or fifty, our Small Business Owners and Team Building program helps you build business efficiency, create an atmosphere of unity and team member loyalty, implement programs that reward faithful hard workers and inspire their creativity and passion for their job, introduce options for outsourcing tasks and improving your business’ long-term outlook, all while balancing family time and learning how to reduce stress.
  • Mentoring for Worn Out Executives: Do you want to change your game up to a whole new level without feeling exhausted and stuck at work all the time? If you’re moving up into new heights in business, but desire guidance and inspiring “outside the box” solutions to saving you time, creating more automation, learning ninja multi-tasking skills, and sculpting a personal/work calendar that cleverly fits time for your family while still maintaining balance and stability on the job, then this is the program for you. Get the much needed 1:1 Coaching Sessions that provide integrated elements and focus on time saving techniques, motivation, empowerment, personal care, family time, creative think tank for improving executive operations, and so much more.  
  • Marketing Makeover for the Busy Business Owner: Social media, content marketing, proximity marketing, conversion ratios, audience engagement – if you don’t have time to learn all the skills needed for marketing success, our marketing program will give you the basics to get the word out there about your business and start seeing results.

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Bold Solutions

Take your local and online marketing, social media, digital and new marketing methods to the next level to draw in leads, engagement, and conversions like never before. Haven’t tried proximity beacon marketing? You’ll  enjoy the ride!

Spark Better Business

Embrace change. Adapt. Grow. Repeat. Let us help guide you into a new era of business operations, marketing through technology, and improving customer relations and service by having a business coaching experience that will spark your mindset to reach for new heights.

Grow Your Business

It’s your moment! Get ready to take that leap of faith. Go for the BIG DREAM! Invest in yourself and in your business to gain new skills and get coached with action steps to improve your business methods and help you grow. Or, hire a professional to relieve your time of tasks that are weighing you down. Don’t you deserve to have more time for you and your family? Contact us today and lets get your biz growing and your personal time balanced through professional business coaching and marketing programs that fit you and your business’ needs best. 

Knowing our limitations and seeking out great mentors that sincerely wish to empower us to succeed, can be one of the most important and confidence-building decisions we will ever make.

Rebecca Harmon