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TESTIMONIAL: I am loving this SOOOOO much. What a difference. I'm actually having fun. 😊 Your coaching is so helpful!

B. Thompson (Social Media Marketing Manager) 


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TESTIMONIAL: Thank you, Coach Rebecca!! I wouldn't be here doing this if it wasn't for you. You inspired me to take action and really push things along for myself and my family. ❤️

C. Pearson (E-commerce Store Owner & Dance Instructor)


Motivational Business & Marketing Coach


Designer, Copywriter and Marketing Agency

Are you a new business startup or small business owner?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the different ways to market a business?

Are you needing some accountability and guidance to stay focused on revenue building tasks?

Does your business have projects requiring a graphic designer, video creator, or copywriter?

Are you ready to learn ways to attract more clients faster and accomplish reaching higher revenue goals?

Can you use help with marketing or tech tips that save you time and money?

Would you enjoy working with a fellow Christian entrepreneur who will pray for you and lead you through God's principles for business and life?


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TESTIMONIAL: Rebecca Harmon Designs was there for me when I was pressed for time. I needed a 30 second commercial video for a speaking engagement and had 2 hours to get it done!

She stepped up to help, creating one that caught my vibrant personality and essence of my business!

I can't thank her enough and highly recommend her!

T. Polk (Professionally Sassy Business Woman)


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TESTIMONIAL: After years of trying to make things happen on my own, my coaching biz wasn’t really getting anywhere. I needed marketing skills and desired to learn more about Instagram and other social media channels to market with including video marketing. Other experts would tell me how to promote my services, but nobody could tell me how to truly engage with my audience in a personal way and gain my customers’ trust and loyalty on social media. Rebecca Harmon Coaching’s Marketing Makeover got me back on track and helped me understand how to do it on my own, increased my confidence, gave inspiration, and offered tons of support while I worked on my action steps to growth. Rebecca is a total coaching and marketing Rock Star!

- David M. (Personal Coach)


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Goals & Achievement Coaching and Empowerment Coaching go hand in hand to defeat the stubborn mindset and emotional trauma from past experiences that stop us in our tracks and prevent us from being our best self. Learn more!